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We are working with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. The following goals are in focus at Handelsbanken: 146 years of HANDELSBANKEN FUNDS Société d'investissement à capital variable Luxembourg PROSPECTUS July 2017 VISA 2017/108012-125-0-PC L'apposition du visa ne peut en aucun cas servir Handelsbanken was founded in 1871 and has operations in more than 20 countries. About this report This report describes how Handelsbanken works on its most important sustainability topics. The Sustain-ability Report covers activities and results in 2018. The first part of the report follows the structure of portfolio. In October 2018, Handelsbanken Liv rejoined the universe of mutual funds that private-sector salaried employees in Sweden can choose for their collective agreement occupational pension (ITP).

Handelsbanken sustainable funds

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Handelsbanken does not assume liability for any errors in the information. Full information brochures with the Fund rules, fact sheets, and current price development is under each Fund in Fund price list. Sustainable player of the year – investments. Söderberg & Partners has recognised Handelsbanken Fonder, our Swedish based mutual fund operations, as the sustainable actor of the year in its “Trafikljusrapport” for 2020.

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In conjunction with publication, the Bank also presented a clear strategy to work towards a number of sustainability goals, which take their starting points in the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, among others. As a bank we finance climate smart innovations and sustainable investments in order to reduce our indirect impact on the climate. Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions A peaceful society is a stable foundation for sustainable development.

Handelsbanken sustainable funds

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Our customers benefit from having a dedicated account manager who understands the local market and the majority of decisions, including those on lending, are made in the branch. In our sustainability work, we work long-term, but we especially want to lift some of the things we've done during the year: we released our second green bond, four more of our funds were swan marked, and our fund company signed the global Net Zero Asset Manager initiative which commit to support through our investments the goal of zero emissions of greenhouse gases. Handelsbanken has been operating locally in Wimbledon since 2012. We are a local relationship bank, built on satisfied customers, financial strength and sustainable values. We invest time to get to know our customers, and aim to provide the best service we can; giving sound advice, taking sensible decisions in the branch and creating unique solutions to match our customers’ needs.

Handelsbanken sustainable funds

Our decision is based on the relevance to the Bank's core business, our degree of influence and risks we have identified.
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It comprises several Sub-Funds. Investment Manager Handelsbanken Fonder AB is the Fund's investment manager (the "Investment Manager"). Handelsbanken’s main goal in the environmental area is to participate in long-term sustainable development by taking action to minimise the negative environmental impact by the Bank. Ethical guidelines Handelsbanken’s ethical guidelines state that all operations at the Bank are to be characterised by high ethical standards.

International SPP Aktieindexfond Global Sustainability är en indexfond. Important information XACT Norden is an exchange-traded index fund with the fund and its objective is to follow the performance of the Handelsbanken on the Nordic stock exchanges that meet the sustainability requirements of the index. Stratega Ränta, Sustainable Water Equities, Swedish Bond Stars A, Swedish Bond Stars Inst. Swedish Enhanced Equity Fund, Swedish Ideas Equity, Swedish  Bond Fund HNWSEK Lux;99,585;167 2017-12-08;SEB Green Bond Fund SEK Lux 2017-12-11;SEB Life - Sustainability Swe;68,6207;553 2017-12-11;SEB Life Nordenfond;1129,02;317 2017-12-11;Handelsbanken Nordiska Småbolag  Would you like to join our Sustainable Finance Advisory team within club FI:s beslut om anmärkning och straffavgift för Handelsbanken  Placeringsinriktning. Fonden är en aktiefond som ska placera globalt i företag som utvecklar eller använder teknologier och metoder för att begränsa den  All information om Handelsbanken Hållbar Energi A1 SEK: Innehav, utveckling, risk och betyg.
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PRI Sustainable Palm Oil. Produktion av Handelsbanken kapitalförvaltning har under 2017 röstat på. ESG Bonds is a community of ESG bond issuers where green, sustainability, social CBRE GLOBAL INVESTORS OPEN-ENDED FUNDS S.C.A. SICAV-SIF SVENSKA HANDELSBANKEN AB (PUBL), XS2265968284, 07/03/2018, 500,00  Sustainable Investing. The Investor Success Project  Handelsbanken Livs (Bolaget) uppfattning är att ett an- svarsfullt agerande är en Syftet med Bolagets arbete med ansvarsfulla investeringar är  SE54205, AstraZeneca Allemansfond, Handelsbanken Fonder Aktiebolag, Ekonomi, SE60520, Tundra Sustainable Frontier Fund, Tundra Fonder AB, Birger  Handelsbanken Sverige Index Criteria-13,7%: 35%: Danske Invest A1 SEK +0,36: Köp: SPP Emerging Markets SRI-1,40: Köp: Veckans mest sålda Nordea Indienfond,35 % Nordea Japan Fund,26 % Nordea Kinafond,35  beslutninger | Handelsbanken; Melinda Nordvall - Manager Network Planning - KLM Royal Dutch; Olivia Sverkman - Sustainable Finance,  Xact Kapitalförvaltning transfers management of all funds to — Handelsbanken's Sustainability Report In Annual Report, Handelsbanken also  The mutual fund provider plans to launch a Swedish small cap fund in Q4. and focus on quality companies with sustainable business models.

A majority of our mutual funds have specific sustainability criteria. These funds go further to exclude controversial industries in their investment strategies, for example alcohol, tobacco and gambling.
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Luxembourg . PROSPECTUS . March 2016 .

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17 September 2019 Heartwood Investment Management, the boutique owned by Sweden's Handelsbanken, has launched four multi-asset funds using sustainability critiera that aim to provide a boost to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Handelsbanken raised AUM 10 percent in 2020 with Sweden's largest net inflow to mutual funds Sweden's third-largest asset manager attracted the largest inflow to Swedish mutual funds in 2020. According to Handelsbanken's Q4 report, the transition towards more sustainable funds has contributed to the strong inflow. March 14, 2019. Stockholm (NordSIP) – Handelsbanken has launched a new fund exclusively dedicated to social, sustainable and green global bonds.

2021-04-21 LF Handelsbanken Balanced Sustainable MA - To deliver a total return (the combination of income and capital growth) that at the end of any five year period is equivalent to achieving a total return of the Consumer Price Index plus 3% each year over that period, after all costs and charges have been taken.